Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Cleveland Thyagaraja Aradhana - 2013

Had been to Cleveland , Ohio  for my daughter's maiden vocal competition organised by Cleveland Aradhana . It was a fabulous experience to all of us. Had a chance to  meet great artists .  Here are some of the pictures from the festival.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Grounds for Sculpture

Though we are in NJ close to two decades, never got a chance to visit Grounds for Sculpture .  It is in Hamilton township , just 20 minutes away from my home. Last week we visited this lovely artistic 33-acre grounds for sculpture and museum with my family. This is a place for people who love Arts, Photography and lots of Walking. Mr. B and my son came just for the sake of coming but they enjoyed the walk and some unique sculptures. My parents loved the outing and being together with the family. I totally enjoyed and clicked till I ran out of memory. We had nice time even though we were out in the scorching heat (106degrees). Sculpture grounds has beautiful landscapings with Bamboo gardens, Lakes and Lilly ponds. We took little breaks in between by getting inside the air conditioned  museum buildings . I packed black bean and corn salad , watermelon and some cool drinks for lunch. 

As my dad can't miss his 3 o'clock coffee, we went out of the sculpture grounds to the nearby BK. They let you in and out if you have the wrist band on your hand. Sculpture Ground also houses an  upscale dining  restaurant  "Rats" overlooking the Lilly Pond and  bridge that provides a very scenic dining experience.

                              ~George Segal's Depression Bread Line  (cast Bronze)

~George Segal's Depression Bread Line  (cast Bronze)

                               ~ Bruce Beasley's   Dorion ( Stainless Steel)

                                ~Carlos Dorrien's "The Nine Muses" (Granite)                                              

                                                            ~Beautiful Peacock

Brightly colored air inflated sculptures
  ~Sharon Engelstein  

~Willie Cole's Worrier (cast Bronze)

                                          ~J.Seward Johnson's  "King Lear" (cupronickel)

Grounds For Sculpture

18 Fairgrounds Road
Hamilton, New Jersey 08619
Phone: (609) 586-0616
Fax: (609) 586-0968